Area A: Landing: 10’ x 30’, no doors
This area is the landing between the stairwells that lead down to level 1 and up the level 3. The dust here is a little less thick than on the lower levels.
Monster: Caryatid Column:
Treasure: +2 bastard sword

Area B: Classroom: 25’ x 20’ 2 doors (south: open, north: Locked DC:15)
This was once the comparative religion classroom. On the walls are symbols from dozens of faiths from around the kingdom, some of which no longer exist. There are dozens of dilapidated chairs and desks, randomly scattered around the room. There is a book case along the western wall with a single surviving copy of their textbook “faiths from around the world” anyone dedicating 20 hours (non consecutive) reading this tome gains a +1 to knowledge religion.
The back room is simply a closet containing 30 small statuettes mostly made of clay each worth apx 5gp

Area C: Classroom: 25’ x 20’ 2 Doors (west: open, North: locked DC:15)
This classroom was once the meditation and focus class. There are the rotting remains of mats, a small simple chime and a small box containing incense and candles.
In the closet to the north there is more mats and chest (unlocked) containing mildly hallucinogenic herbs, a DC:12 knowledge nature check will identify them. Ingesting these herbs will make the PC’s trip out for about an hour. (-1 to all rolls +1 to CL of all divination spells.)

Area D: Classroom: 25’ x 20’ 2 doors (east: open, south: secret DC:24)
This classroom focused on spell work. Scattered around between the desks and chairs are the simple wooden holy symbols of Erikki’s hammer. On a shelf to the north are bottles containing components for any of the lower level cleric spells (4 and below): Incense, leather strip, powdered lime and carbon, charcoal, diamond dust (1000Gp), copper wire, clay model of a ziggurat, 20x onyx (25 gp), ruby dust (500gp), bat fur, powdered silver (1000Gp), chameleon skin, clay, straws, fan, feathers, bear hair, bulls hair, eagle feather, salt and 40 copper pieces, owls feather, mica, salt, grave earth, parchment w/ holy text.

Area E: cafeteria: 30’ x 20’ 2 Doors (west: open, south: open)
Large table and chairs show this are for what it was, a cafeteria. There are plates, mugs and silverware scattered around the floor. The wall between areas E and F has a window like cutout allowing the cooks to pass food through. Because of this area E must be considered contaminated by the corpse is area F. In this area there is an eye lvl 2.
Monster: eyes of akkicisma Level 2 CR:4 encounter 700xp

Area F: The kitchen, here there are counters, wash basins and a carved stone wood stove. Metal pots and pans, dishes and silverware lay all about. Slumped on the floor against the stove is what is left of the cook. On his finger is a copper ring for level 4

The entrance hall
Tower 1
Level 1
Level 3


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