Area A: The Chapel: 65’ x 25’ 6 doors (2 doors north: both unlocked, 2 doors south: both unlocked, large double doors: east stuck DC:25, 1 door south: secret DC:28, 1 trap door: secret DC:40)

The main area is filled with dilapidated pews, along the walls are the remnants of tapestries the east side of the room has a dais with a black granite throne covered in dwarven runes telling the life story of king bouldersite. On the left side of the dais sits an oddly perfect mirror in a gilded frame. This is the rorrim mirror a unique magic item. Around the gilded frames are the words “the faithful pray for the imprisoned and the knowing watch over the dead” if a PC is standing in front of the other mirror looking at it the illusion of him in front of the other mirror would appear to be looking at the trapdoor to The Catacombs. If a PC kneels down in front of this mirror bowing towards the throne the illusion of him in tower 2 would point out the trapdoor to the The Prison

Secret room: to the left of the alter is little more than a closet, containing the special ritual items used during their ceremonies. There are a massive gilded hammer covered in gemstones, a platinum helm with an attached crown and a cape with large golden shoulder pauldron. All of these items are sanctified Erikkis regalia and give off a magic aura. Wearing all three items gains no special bonus however if all 3 are worn by a cleric of a different faith, their god will be offended that they are trotting around in the regalia of a different god and may send them warnings and deny them high level spells.

Area B: Storage room: 20’ x 15’ 2 doors (south: open, west: secret Search DC:14 Unlocked)

This room if filled with the remnants of shelves, basic church supplies. In the secret cupboard filled with potions:
Treasure: 8 CLW, 4 CMW, 2 CCW, 2 lesser restoration, 2 remove disease, 2 remove paralysis, 4 antitoxin, 4 holy water, a masterwork healers kit,

Area C: Office: 20’ x 15’ 2 doors (south: open, east locked DC:12)

This room was once an administrator’s office and has a desk and several chairs; there is a closet to the east that has the remnants of office supplies. Slouched over his deck is the skeletal remains of the cleric who was working here, his vestments in tatters. On his finger is a level 2+3 copper ring

Area D: wardrobe: 20’ x 15’ 1 door (north, open)

This room if filled with the tattered remains of all the vestments the clerics would use.

Area E: Office: 20’ x 15’ 2 doors (north: open, east secret DC:28)

This room was also an office, with the expected furniture. However there is an eye hiding just behind the door. If the eye begins to alarm, it will draw the meenlocks out for an attack.
Monster: eyes of akkicisma Level 1 CR:2 encounter 350 Xp

Area F: Vestibule: 20’x 15’ : 1 door (secret DC:28)
Hidden behind a sliding wall is a baptismal fountain. Filling this with water and pouring the water over ones head has the effect of a bless spell for 24 hours.

The entrance hall
Tower 1
Level 2


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