Pathfinder Koran

Koran CR:5 Dwarf/ Monk 5
Alignment: LN/ Size: Med
Initiative: + 3 Senses: sight, Darkvision 60’ perception + 8
AC: 17 (+ 3 dex, + 3 wisdom, + 1 monk) {+ 4 dodge vs giants},
HP: 15 (5d8-10hd)
Saves: Fort + 2/Ref + 7/Will + 7 (+ 2 vs poison, spells, spell like abilities, mind effecting)
Speed: 30’
Melee: Fist + 6 melee (1d8+ 2) or Flurry of blows + 5/+ 5 melee (1d8+ 2/1d8+ 2 /Stun DC:15)
Abilities Str:14 (+ 2) Dex:17 (+ 3) Con: 7 (- 2) Int:13 (+ 1) Wis:16 (+ 3)Cha:11 (+ 0)
(Original dice rolled abilities 14,17,5,13,16,13)
Base Att: + 3 CMB: + 7 CMD: 20
Feats Combat reflexes, Skill focus (Diplomacy), Toughness, Stunning Fists (5/day)
Skills: Acrobatics + 7{12 jump}, Appraise (stone or metal) + 5, Climb + 7, Diplomacy + 8, Knowledge (history) + 6, knowledge (local) + 4, knowledge (nobility) + 4, Perception + 8, Sense motive + 11, Stealth + 8, Swim + 7,
Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarf

Special Abilities: Stonecunning, Stable (+ 4 vs bull rush), Flurry of blows, Improved unarmed strike, Evasion, Maneuver training, Fast movement, Still mind, Ki pool (5 ki points){magic}, Slow fall 20’, High jump, Purity of body (immune to disease)

Equipment: Light equipment kit , Monk Gi, 3 thunder stones, Signet ring, Caltrops, 2 weeks rations, Ambassadors belt of tongues
Money: 20Gp

Gender: M, age:55 height:4’5", weight:196lbs, eyes: green, hair: Bald, skin: white

Description: One of the oddest looking dwarves around he is completely clean shaven, he has no visible hair of any kind. He wears a black gi with a large dwarven gold belt…He looks like a man who is both very powerful and peaceful.
Personality: Koran was abandoned at birth to the monastery and has lived most of his life there. He was raised by the monks and only learned about his heritage much later in life. Through his skill at both understanding and compassion got the attention of the high dwarven council and he quickly became one of their most respected diplomats. Though much of his time is spent at one of the many Places of learning throughout the kingdom he still manages to travel quite extensively and has amassed a great understanding of the kingdom.
Koran is both wise and peaceful and will avoid open confrontation unless he is defending himself or others. He has taken vows of cleanliness and chastity

Pathfinder Koran

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