Meeting Koran

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Your night was peaceful and quiet, you were lulled asleep by the sounds of the waterfall. In the morning amidst the sounds of birdsong a tiny wrinkled old man taps on your door.
“A peaceful morning to you travelers. I believe you were the ones asking to see Koran? He will be available to see you after breakfast which is being served in the hall of dawn as we speak. After you have eaten I will take you to see him.”
The hall of dawn is serving warm oatmeal with fresh fruit and honey along with green tea. Although there are dozens of people eating together the room is still and quiet as if everyone is afraid to make the littlest noise.
When you are done with breakfast the old man reappears and slowly leads you along a winding path through the monastery to a building near the back of the complex. He leads you through the building to a internal courtyard. In the center of the courtyard is a square koi pond. Thrusting up from the center of the koi pond is a 5’ high post. Balancing on one foot in a figure 4 position is a clean-shaven, bald dwarven monk wearing a black gi and a chunky gold belt of dwarven design. He is holding his hands in a prayer position and his eyes are closed. The old man waves in the direction of the man on the post.
“that is Koran”
He bows towards you and scuttles off into the building. Several long minuets pass before Koran opens his eyes and takes a deep breath.
“Ah, and who would you be?” He listens carefully while balancing on one foot.

“Official messengers then, I see!” He leaps off the post arching gracefully directly for you. He lands knee deep in the koi pond only a foot from the edge
“Offff! its always the landing that gets ya!” his face and head turn red as he slogs out of the water. He waves you over to a stone bench
“So what can I do for you?”

“A message from the dwarven council, how unexpected.” He takes the scroll tube, pressing on 3 points and twisting it just so. You hear a loud click and he opens it, removing the parchment from within. He unrolls is and reads it carefully, his face growing grim as he strokes his chin thoughtfully. He returns the scroll to the tube and locks it, he looks up at you and smiles
“I guess we’re going to go see the elves! Say have any of you ever been through Ice reach pass before?”
“No?” he rolls his eyes “well this is going to be fun!” We had best head out right away if were going to make the first safe house before nightfall. I’ll meet you by the front gate in 1/2 an hour. If you need supplies go see Havam in the kitchen for food, tell him that I sent you. I suggest having at least 2 weeks rations with you, just in case. If you need horses go see Pearles, the stables are by the front gate, you don’t want to be walking through the pass.

At the front gate
“Are you all ready to go, this is quite a journey we’re about to undertake.”

Koran leads to party through a short cut to the frist safe house within the Ice reach pass

Meeting Koran

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