Area 1: 25’x50’ Secret door (Search DC:20)
This room contains 5 chests all the chest are locked DC:18, Chest 1: 650 gp, Chest 2: 1000sp, Chest 3: 40pp, Chest 4: 500cp, Chest 5: 2 potions of cure moderate wounds, 2 potions of cure light wounds

Area 2: 50’x 175’ 1 door: south unlocked gate
This massive area was the primary sorting bay for the mine, huge piles of rubble and quite a bit of now useless equipment is scattered all over. There is a ladder that leads up to a platform above the elevator shaft. This is the main gears for the elevator however 3 of the cogs have been pulled out and are scattered around the upper levels of the mine. It’s not absolutely necessary to repair the elevator however without it the pc’s will have to descend through the shaft by hand (Climb DC:20). Next to the gate for the elevator is a dark grey cloak hanging from a peg.
Monster: Cloaker
Treasure: (found in area 1)

Area 3: 10’x10’, 1 door: unlocked gate
This tiny room is a rough from of an elevator. There is a lever on the floor that raises or lowers the room, however the cogs are currently scattered around the mine and the elevator is not working.


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