Area 1:
Read this: “you have opened the grating and stepped into the mine. The walls, floor and ceiling are roughly cut natural granite. The floor is covered in guano and the smell is atrocious. There are old wooden doors on both the left and right which have rotted and are barely on their hinges. Just past the doors is a large upright steel wheel and crank with a steel cable wrapped around it that leads down deeper in to the mine. On the other side of the wheel is a dilapidated train tracks which also lead down into the darkness. The hallway takes on a sever angle just after the railroad starts diving off into the darkness at a 35 degree angle.”
The hallway is 170’ long and covered the entire way with tracks.
Trap 1: Broken section of floor (concealed pit trap): CR:4, mechanical, location trigger (weight of 150lbs), no reset, Reflex DC:22 (6d6 fall damage + 1d8 falling rocks), multi target (10’),Search DC:25 (stonecutting DC:20), Disable DC:15. XP:900.
PC’s falling victim to this trap find themselves in level 3.

Area 2: 35’x 20’. Exits (1): east door: unlocked
This room is filled with random mining equipment most of which is so rusted and dilapidated as to be completely useless. There is a chest at the back of the room. Printed in bold red dwarven runes on the lid of the chest is the word “caution”. Inside the chest is an animated steel wrecking ball and a small jar of paint with a brush.
Monster: Wrecking ball
Treasure: no treasure

Area 3: 25’x20’ 2 doors: west door: dilapidated, unlocked, east door, dilapidated locked (lock DC:15, strength DC:12)
This room was one the manager’s office waiting room. it has some piles of debris that may at some time have been furniture. And a couple of brass candle sconces on the walls.

Area 4: 25’x20’ west door: dilapidated locked (lock DC:15, strength DC:12)
This room was once the manager’s office. There is a broken down desk and a couple of chairs that escaped the ravages of time. The same brass candle holders on the wall are filled with bees wax candles.

Area 5: 30’x 170’ no doors
This area is the staging area for removing material from the mine. The railway tracks end at another crank wheel in front of which sits an ancient mine cart. Above the mine cart is a 10’x10’ hole in the ceiling that leads to level 2. At the very end of the room is a spiral staircase that leads down to level 5. Piles of rubble line the long wall on either side of the room.


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