King Hornbrier's mine

A mere half a day’s travel from the city, this mine was the first mine opened by the dwarves building the city of Hammerdrier. While it provided most of the stone for the shield wall it provided very little in the way of precious minerals or metals and was quickly abandoned. When Lord Vennor discovered the fatal flaw of the city he used this mine as the access point for the first vent and the resting place of king hornbrier. Having been abandoned more than 1000 years ago many things have found their way into the mine and now call it home.

Travelling to the mine
While its only ½ a day away, the PC will encounter an:
Treasure: 500Gp, A silver hair comb of elvish design studded with moonstones (500Gp) and a false eye made of ivory with a sapphire for the iris (130Gp)

The entrance:
Having come to the spot indicated by the Hammerdrier map, the PC’s search around a bit to find the entrance. Obscuring the entrance is an:
Monster: Assassin vine
Treasure: 30Gp, and a fresh water pearl (11Gp)
Once the assassin vine is defeated it wilts away and reveals an iron grating locked by a large adamantine pad lock (Lock DC:30) the lock has dwarven letters around its face which read G-S-O-M-L-E-D-I spelling out the word “Gold” will open the lock.
Ad havoc Xp:600


Wrapping up:
ad havoc xp for completing the mission: 2500xp
Xp total: 28050xp (7013xp each)
Treasure total:180pp, 4570gp, 5400sp, 500cp, A silver hair comb of elvish design studded with moonstones (500Gp) and a false eye made of ivory with a sapphire for the iris (130Gp), fresh water pearl (11Gp), 2 potions of cure moderate wounds, 2 potions of cure light wounds, hematite (9gp), Divine Scroll of read magic, magic weapon, delay poison, and an arcane scroll of dispel magic, fire opal (1200gp), aqua marine (600gp), ion stone pearly white spindle, potion of eagles splendor, iolite (30gp), citrine (60gp), coral (700gp), onyx (60gp), 6 buckles (2gp each), set of half plate armor (damaged, all leather parts gone), steel buckler (damaged, all leather parts gone), 4 gold bars (200GP each), 10 silver bars (20GP each), + 1 scimitar, Star ruby (1400GP), lapis (6GP), Jet (130GP), Miners helmet , a piece of brass that looks like it was broken off something larger (Part 1 of 4 key pieces), +2 dagger of gnoll bane, pewter flagon with lapis cabochons (100gp), bracelet of freshwater pearls (200gp), electrum and jade shaped frog bottle stopper (700gp), tigers eye (90gp), amber (1100gp), citrine (20gp), smoky quartz (13gp), alexandrite (500gp), slippers of spider climbing, divine scroll of Resist energy, Lens of detection,

King Hornbrier's mine

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