Crossing Ice reach pass

normally it is a 4 day/ 3 night journey across the pass, but with the landslide taking them out of their way it will add another day to the trip. map of Ice reach pass

  • Day 1: from Ti’dar monastery to Lointon ridge safe house: A Quite day
    The trail is steep and dangerous, barley wide enough for one horse to ride single file. It twists through the mountain passes connecting up to the main trail at the safe house. The safe house is equipped with 2 pairs of bunk beds, a round hearth in the center of the room a small chest filled with firewood and a stable area capable of housing 4 horses. The door is wide and built solidly of oak. Inside next to the door frame is a stone engraving of Ice Reach pass and the connected safe houses. Koran picks up a piece of coal from the fireplace and uses it and some paper to make a rubbing of the map and hands it to you.
  • Night 1: The Lionton ridge safe house: Close Encounter
    Deep in the dark of the night a rumbling jolts everyone out of their sleep, an earthquake you think? But it gets closer and louder and soon on the ridge across from the door you can see a massive beast in the moon light, roaring and sniffing about as if looking for food. The Behir is much too powerful for the PC’s even with Koran’s help. So long as they stay hidden in the safe house they will be safe.
    Monster: Behir
    Treasure: 900gp, Potion of CLW, Scroll of tensors floating disk
  • Day 2: From Lointon ridge safe house to Tremmblin ridge: A quiet trip
    Travelling down and around Diamond peak, the sun is shining, a gentle breeze blows through the meadows and it is for a moment serene. Koran cannot help but comment on the beauty. The many switchbacks keep this section from being too steep and give generous vistas of the valleys and meadows below.
  • Night 2: Tremmblin ridge safe house: Encounter
    A party of Troglodytes have decided to play robber and have discovered that this is a pretty good place to jack people. In the middle of the night they attempt to sneak in and steal whatever they can, anyone failing the stench is attacked while their down and beaten unconscious. However they are cowards and will run off quickly if meet with real resistance.

Monster: A party of Troglodytes
Treasure: 300gp, periapt of wisdom + 2

  • Day 3: From Tremmblin ridge to the base of queens peak: The path has been destroyed by a land slide that came off Queens peak, PC’s must detour around it losing 1/2 a day and forcing them to camp in the wilderness. Read this
  • Night 3: The base of Queens Peak:
    The rugged Queens peak is a stark contrast to the idyllic bowl like valley where you have begun to make camp. Just as you get settled in an ogre with an attitude comes jogging along, “Hey you stooped hooomans dis my valley, you no stay here, go way, or I make you go away!”
    Monster: Ogre
    Treasure: 2400sp
  • Day 4: The base of queens peak to Onnars Valley safe house: A quiet trip
    As you trudge along on skree piles and sharp cliffs in order to make your way back to the path you see dear bounding through the valley towards a stand of trees near the center. There’s a natural spring well here right next to the cobblestone cottage style safe house amongst the trees. Many of the trees here are apple or pear and in the right season give wonderful fruit.
  • Night 4: Onnars valley safe house: A quiet night
    This is the most peaceful of places and has a few more comforts than the other safe houses. Someone has left blankets on the bunks and bowls of apples on the table. A large iron stew cauldron sits over the fireplace on a swing arm, there’s even a rocking chair in the corner.


  • Day 5: From Onnars valley safe house to Tappis: Encounter Small Caravan They encounter a small caravan made up of 2 wagons and 5 people. They are a cult of clerics of Fillia (the grain goddess ) that being duped by a crafty rogue into believing that they are transporting their savior in the form of a child with all white eyes no apparent iris or pupil, somehow he can see normally. They are armed with short swords and crossbows and will attack anyone who tries to stop their progress. Hopefully the PC’s will stay out of their way but if not they can be treated a 3 generic clerics lvl:1 and a rogue lvl:2
    The child is a tiefling and will eventually be a sorcerer right now he’s just a precocious child who is playing along for his rogue friend. Not really understanding that the rogue is conning the clerics

No Treasure

Crossing Ice reach pass

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