This is being written in module format, there is no hidden information.
Please feel free to run it yourselves, I’d even appreciate feedback from anyone trying it out. Every chapter is designed to be approximately 1 levels worth of experience for a standard party of 4, Using the Fast progression in Pathfinder or standard progression in 3.5. This adventure takes place in the The kingdom of Daytar Leamay

The environment is changing catastrophically! The dwarven city of Hammerdrier is built in the crater of an ancient volcano, recent activity indicates its going to blow up in a massive volcanic eruption. Meanwhile a priest of Erikki (the dwarven god) is hunting down an ancient and dangerous artifact. Can the PC’s Save the city from destruction? Will the priest get the artifact he’s looking for? Embroiled in the politics of the druid council and the dwarven nation can the PC’s make it out in one piece?

Chapter 1: The Beaver Dam, Starting at 1st lvl the PC’s simply looking for work pick up a gig from Lord Occama member of the druid council. They need to assist a small town who’s sacred spring has dried up. They need to discover the beavers dam and get the water flowing again. They then discover the reason the beavers moved away from their ancestral home, and they relocate them to a safe habitat. During all of this they get glimpses and foreshadowing of the oncoming disaster and they meet a crazy oracle named Oreck who seems to know them.

Chapter 2: The Lost Tower, On their way back from relocating the beavers, the PC’s stop in a small town called Matter. There they are informed that several of the towns children have gone missing. The kindly towns folk beg for their assistance finding the lost children. The lost kids are in a long lost tower in the valley of the ghosts. The tower only opens its secrets to those who are worthy and getting out is definitely harder than getting in. A tower built by a genius dwarven engineer. It is here that they start to discover that they are indeed fated to be apart of history as they discover the original plans for the building of the dwarven city of Hammerdrier.

Chapter 3: Koran and the road to Hammerdrier, An envoy form the Dwarven nation requests the PC’s help. Their sent to the Ti’Dar monastery to collect an ambassador named Koran who’s specialized in dwarven history and a friend of the elven King and Queen. The PC’s will escort Koran to Elfholm to request entrance into their historical library. The PC’s will get the manuscript found in the Lost tower translated, which will lead them to Hammerdrier. With the warning signs of the impending disaster getting stronger and stronger the PC’s must hurry to Hammerdrier and seek audience with the dwarven council.

Chapter 4: The road to Hammerdrier traveling from Elfholm to Hammerdrier the wilderness has become extremely dangerous and many of the normally peaceful animals are attacking travelers. the PC’s must choose which route to take and fight their way to Hammerdrier.

Chapter 5: Vennor tower part 1 Here they are led to Vennor Tower the center piece of the city to decipher the clues left in the tower that show the way to saving the city.
Vennor knew that this day would someday come when the magma chamber below the city would change from being a useful asset to a danger. Being the genius engineer that he was he designed 4 vents meant to release the gaseous pressure from the volcanic buildup. Vennor used the crypts of the 4 tribal kings to conceal the 4 pressure vents. The PC’s must locate each one of the vents as quickly as possible to buy time for the city.

Chapter 6: King Hornbrier’s mine Only 1/2 a day away from the city this was the location of the first mine opened when the city was founded. however its production was substandard and it was closed shortly after the city was founded. The PC’s must find there way to the bottom of the mine, find the kings tomb and retrieve the key. they must also find the vent release. Once they release the pressure they will have to run to get out!

Chapter 7: King Bouldersite’s observatory 3 days away from the city, this was the clan home for the Bouldersite clan. They were known as the magic seekers and their clan focused on the arcane and divine arts. Finding the tower is only the first challenge, the place has been overrun by Broken Ones and the old security systems are still in place. Finding the kings tomb and the vent release will test the PC’s in every way.

Chapter 8:King Ironfile’s brewery 3 days travel, across a river and around an edge of the mountainous rift called the kings crown. on the other side the PC’s discover the ancient brewery of the Ironfile clan. Enchanted to seem as inviting as it was 1000 years ago, now plays host to a sinister bunch of fey who will do everything to rob the PC’s blind, even taking a few teeth for good measure.

Chapter 9:King Axestride’s armory: An ancient fortress now in ruins, Originally owned by the Warrior clan, later inhabited by an evil summoner, now a giant breading ground for Blood ravens. Yet the prophecy remains and leads them to secret chambers to discover an amazing device left for them.

Chapter 10: Return to Vennor Tower Once the gas pressure has been released and the city has been evacuate its time for the PC’s to return to Vennor tower. Though heavily trapped and guarded the final step to saving the city is to release the freezing sphere from on top of the tower down into the magma chamber deep below city. Once this is accomplished the PC’s are rewarded as heroes, the dwarven people repopulate the city and rejoice with them. Yet somethings not quite right….

The Hammerdrier campaign arc

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