Vennor tower part 1

Arriving in Hammerdrier:

Vennor Tower

Returning to the Dwarven council

Wrapping up:
ad havoc xp for completing the missions: 3000xp (750 each)
XP total: 19250 (4813 xp each for a party of 4 5th lvl characters)
Treasure total: a glass bottle of 2000 yr old mead (900GP), Belt of giant strength +4 (16000GP), set of dwarven sized full plate (1500GP), dwarven sized heavy steel shield (175GP), 5 gems in a pouch (Amethyst {300GP}, red garnet {70GP}, violet garnet {500GP}, topaz {500GP}, Aquamarine {400GP}), Potion of blur, +1 dagger, scroll of disguise self, +1 crossbow bolts (50), dwarven sized Mithral chain shirt (1100GP)
Plus one special treasure per PC.

Vennor tower part 1

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