The road to Hammerdrier

The Road to Hammerdrier

wilderness and puzzle adventure lvl 4

Road to hammerdrier

History the PC’s have relocated the beavers successfully, they saved the lost children from the lost tower and they met with Koran and took him to Elfholm, now its time to head to hammerdrier to solve the problems that are plaguing the nation.

Traveling to Hammerdrier
There are 2 routes that the PC’s can take, they can follow the road to Tappis and then follow the mountains to Samys or they can go through the woods to Yamam and across the plains to Samys, the first route is safer but takes longer, the second route is a day faster but much more dangerous.

Route 1: Travelling along the road to the mountains then south through the foothills till you reach Samys

Route 2 Straight south through the forest and rolling plains to Yannes
then west towards the mountain.

Traveling from Samys to Hammerdrier


Day 7/8- Samys to Pearls peak safe house-
Passing into the mountains and heading up onto the trail leaves a shiver going up your spine. The mountains stand ominously looking down on your tininess. The light drops away into dusk so much faster than you were expecting. A band of Trogs has built an ambush out of some rocks they will drop from a ledge 25’ up, on to the PC’s while others rush out of a small hiding spot.
Monster: A party of Troglodytes (5)
Treasure: 500gp, Divine scroll of entropic shield, scroll of blur, shield and alarm

Night 7/8- Pearls peak safe house-
Just after you get settled into the safehouse you hear a scuffling outside, Anyone who speaks giant can understand them as one says to the other, “hey, I think there’s someone here, let’s eat! Crack it open!” They flip the roof off the safe house.
Monster: Ogre (2)
Treasure: 200gp

Day 8/9- Pearls peak safe house to Rammstog peak safe house-
You Follow a series of switchbacks up to a ridge as you crest the ridge you surprise a Wyvern feeding on a deer. It roars and attacks!
Monster: Wyvern
Treasure: 8000sp, Perfect emerald {4000gp}, topaz {400gp}

Night 8/9-Rammstog peak safe house-
After a gruesome day huffing it up the mountain, you fall into the safe house bunks with gratitude. just after dark the door swings open with a bang and a Minotaur ducks into the room. This particular Minotaur is not looking for any trouble but will defend himself if attacked. He’s just looking for a place to sleep just like you are. If all the bunks are taken he will sleep in the stable side or just on the floor in front of the fire. If he’s treated well he’ll pull out a masterwork lute and entertain the PC’s for an hour or so.
Monster: Minotaur
treasure: 600gp, Master work dark wood lute (400gp), masterwork great axe, 3 smoke sticks, Healers kit

Day 9/10- Rammstog peak safe house to Hammerdrier-
From the Rammstog safe house you veer off the main trail onto a much smaller and less defined trail north, into the heart of the mountains. One particularly narrow chasm the trail leads you through takes you into the clutches of a hungry phase spider.
Monster: Phase spider
no treasure

Upon arriving at Hammerdrier the PC’s will move on to chapter 5 “Vennor tower”

Wrapping up:
XP totals:
Route 1: 14400xp (3600 xp each for a party of 4),
Route 2: 16300xp (4075 xp each for a party of 4)

Treasure total:
Route 1: 60pp, 1923gp, 12900sp, masterwork light flail, fire opal 900gp, alexandrite 700gp, hematite 6gp, amber 90gp, tigers eye 15gp, moss agate 11gp Perfect emerald 4000gp, topaz 400gp, 1 monstrous humanoid slaying arrow (2282gp), Divine scroll of entropic shield, scroll of blur, shield and alarm, Master work darkwood lute (400gp), masterwork great axe, 3 smoke sticks, Healers kit
Route 2: 2900gp, 8000sp, tigers eye10gp, Onyx 50gp, amber 110gp, moonstone 50gp,garnet 90gp, black pearl 700gp, Perfect emerald 4000gp, topaz 400gp, wand of detect secret doors, Divine scroll of entropic shield, scroll of blur, shield and alarm, silver holy symbol (25gp),Master work darkwood lute (400gp), masterwork great axe, 3 smoke sticks, Healers kit
*NOTE: XP amounts that show #/# indicate that the PC’s receive the first amount if they do not engage in combat with the monster.

The road to Hammerdrier

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