The Lost Tower

Adventure Level 2, Puzzle Dungeon

History/ Hook: This adventure is available from the town folk of Matter. Three days ago the people of Matter were shaken by a major earthquake. Unbeknownst to them the quake broke loose the back wall of a cavern in the valley of ghosts, uncovering the doorway to the Lost Tower which had been encased in granite for hundreds of years. The day the PC’s arrive in Mattar, 5 of the local children left with a older (but very simple) chaperone for a lakeside picnic in the valley of ghosts. They failed to return, panicking their parents and putting the whole town in an uproar. Somehow the children convinced Darren, their chaperone, that no one actually said they were not allowed to explore the caves so it was ok for them to do so. The children didn’t expect what they found, the entrance to the lost tower. Naturally with child like curiosity they managed to enter the tower. Now their trapped and the PC’s must save them and return them to their distraught parents. When the PC’s arrive the town is in an uproar, the mayor is organizing search parties and half of the town is already off in the search for the children. Desperate parents will beg the PC’s to help in the search. One search party will return then with the picnic basket which has been shredded by wild animals.
The tower was originally owned by a reclusive dwarven sage, Vennor Hardaxe. He was the original engineer of the dwarven city Hammerdrier and lost in his tower is the Diary of Hammerdrier, Vernors original notations on the building of the city, that the PC’s will need in order to save the city from the coming disaster.


Arriving in town:

The Valley of the Ghost:

The Cave and entrance to the tower:

The entrance chamber of the tower

The elemental challenges

  • Earth (XP Awards: 500 completion, {1350 each per mimic IF they fight them})
  • Air (XP Awards: 500 completion, 900 for the alabaster statue)
  • Fire (XP Awards: 500 completion)
  • Water (XP Awards: 500 completion, 1350 for the cobras)

Level 2

Levels 3-4

Returning to Town

Wrapping up

  • Once the PC’s return to Spiritholm and check in with Lord Occama They will be given the chapter 3 intro
  • Xp Totals: 2038xp to 3388xp each (4 2nd lvl PC’s)
  • Treasure totals:468 gp, 5000 cp, 4 alchemist fire 4 emeralds (120 gp), obsidian (12 gp), moon stone (70 gp), pad lock {good} (80 gp), 3 scrolls (spider climb, shocking grasp, invisibility) and either (600 sp, tigers eye(9 gp), black pearl (600 gp), silver pearl (80 gp)) or (50 gp, violet garnet (700gp), +1 heavy steel shield of bashing)

The Lost Tower

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