Return to Vennor Tower

Leaving axestrides armory is tricky but once out they can rest with the caravan camping across the lake. The city is only about 7 hours away on horseback so they can easily do so in a day, however the city is still locked down and abandoned. On their way to the city they cross a large flat valley tucked between 2 tall ridges. At one end is a bunch of logs that have been jammed into the dirt, at the other side of the valley are 2 stone giants about to enjoy a game of bowling.
Monster: 2x stone giant
Treasure: 1300Gp, + 2 shield (ghost touch)

Entering the city:
The main gates are locked and sealed, a large piece of parchment declares in common, dwarven and elven that the city has been evacuated by order of the king and entering the city is an offence against the crown punishable by 5 years in prison! The Horn is still audible but only just at the low end of the human range of hearing. The smell of sulfur is apparent even outside the gates.
Possible ways in:
The main gates have tunnels under them leading to sentry doors 50’ away from the main gate. They are trapdoors, well hidden with a DC:30 search required to find them. The tunnel leads to the guard towers that flank the gate. The guard towers have a small basic armory and holding cells in them as well as a locked door (DC:29) that leads into the city.
The aqueduct system on the north side of the city is still flowing and while the water is quite hot taking this route is a fun slip and slide that requires a DC:12 reflex to avoid being sucked into the turbines at the end of the slough. The turbines Deal 2d6 damage per round to anyone caught in them. Getting out by yourself requires a a swim check DC:20, this can be modified by + 2 for each person on shore helping pull them out.
Scaling the walls or flying. No one is in the city to stop them from doing so, climbing the walls without magical help requires a DC:28 climb check. If they attempt to do this at night they can see a light at the temple (in Pann’s office) from the top of the wall.

Visiting the Temple
The Fall of Vennor Tower
The Aftermath
The Parade
A Midnight visit
The Hole

Wrapping Up

Ad havoc xp:
Entering the city:500xp
Investigating the temple before the tower: 1000xp
Figuring out how to enter the tower without using the stairs: 1000xp
Bringing down the tower: 10,000xp
Figuring out that something is wrong with Pann before being told: 2000xp
Getting through the gravity room: 6000xp
Stopping the demon from getting the key: 5000xp
Not stopping the demon from getting the key: 2000xp

XP Total: 81100xp, 20275xp/each (party of 4)

Treasure totals: 1300Gp, + 2 shield (ghost touch), Animated shield + 2 (8000Gp), Shadowed spider silk armor (4000Gp), a + 2 weapon (gauntlets) (8000Gp), Ring of mind shielding (4000GP), Immovable rod (5000Gp), Staff of fire (9475Gp), Deck of illusions (8100Gp), folding boat (7200Gp), 6 pot cure mod wounds, noble title of Viscount and 50 acres of land near Lillydale, Gold medal (150Gp)

The End?

Return to Vennor Tower

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