Koran and the road to Hammerdrier

Adventure lvl 3, Wilderness

Books needed for this adventure: Players Handbook (PHB), Dungeon Masters guide (DMG), Monster manual 1 (MM1)

Road to hammerdrier copy

History: This adventure is available from Lord Occama. Once the PC’s have relocated the beavers and found the lost children, they should return to Spiritholm. Once there Lord Occama offers them a new task, find a Dwarven monk named Koran and escort him to the elven city of Elhholm to request the elves help saving Hammerdrier. There they will get the Hammerdrier diary translated and discouver their next step, to the doomed city of Hammerdrier. With this much travelling its inevitable that the PC’s see more signs of distruction and come across much more dangerous beasts.

Arriving in Spiritholm

The Road to the Ti’Dar monestary

The Ti’Dar monestary

The road to Elfholm

Elfholm and The King and Queen of the elves

When the PC’s are ready continue on to “The road to hammerdrier”

Wrapping up
Ad havoc XP for completing mission: 2000 (500 each for a party of 4)
Xp total: 9950 (2488xp each for a party of 4 3rd lvl PC’s) or 13650 if the PC’s fought and killed everything (3413 each for a party of 4 3rd lvl PC’s)
Treasure totals: 800gp, 2400sp, 1600cp, 3 flasks of holy water, small jade idol (1000gp), golden phoenix comb (1100gp), set of 6 silver candlesticks with topaz cabochons (600gp) periapt of wisdom + 2, 2 scroll birds, and (If they defeated the Behir:900gp, Potion of CLW, Scroll of tensors floating disk) and (only if they attacked the NPC party: 6000sp, pink pearl (100gp),large aquamarine (600gp),fire opal (1200gp), moonstone (60gp),dark wood buckler, Master work buckler)

*NOTE: XP amounts that show #/# indicate that the PC’s receive the first amount if they do not engage in combat with the monster but still receive some XP for the encounter.

Koran and the road to Hammerdrier

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