King Ironfile's brewery

Travelling there will take 3 days. When the PC’s leave the Bouldersite tower they descend the mountain trail. At the bottom of the trail Pann Silverdrier is waiting at a campsite with a fire for the PC’s having divined their location he comes to help heal them up and offer them whatever small stuff they need. He is cooking a large pot full of rabbit stew for them. Pann has a magic tent with enough room for 10 people with full complements of food, invisible servants, washing space and soft comfy beds. They can get up to 5 days rations each and 10 torches, including up to 2 of any minor healing potions, or just about any other simple need from him.

Day 1: quite
“Travelling through the foot hills along the base of Mt. Fafil the ground is rocky and the weather is oppressive and hot, getting more and more humid into the afternoon until you pass lake Cryton to the south. As dusk comes the humidity finally breaks but the flies and mosquitoes come out in droves making it an annoying dinner and evening until the cold and smoke from the fire finally drive them off.

Night 1: quiet
“the sounds of crickets and the wind high up on the mountain groaning are your only company”

Day 2: Encounter by the river
“Crossing the wide flood plain of the Yimes River you travel along rolling hilly knolls and marshy low lands. The bugs are out in full force and not leaving you alone for a second. The afternoon brings a warm summer shower and a break from the bugs. As it is nearing dusk the shower lets off and you can hear in the distance the rush of the river. Coming over a knoll you see two horse like figures in the distance drinking from the river. (DC:14 perception check to make out the griffins from this distance.) The griffins are not immediately hostel and if attacked they flee.
Monster: 2x Griffon
No treasure

Night 2: Visit from a strange little fellow
“Settling in to camp and setting watch, the river rushes by making a trance like lullaby that is easy to sleep and meditate to. Around 10 pm long after the sun has set and the PC’s are getting some sleep the Cacodaemon slithers into camp (Perception DC:24)and attacks a familiar or animal companion in camp trying to kill it and convince its master to take it as a familiar instead. If they agree it coughs up the soul gem of their familiar as a thank you. It may approach the PC as one of its alternate forms if it seems likely the PC prefers it that way. This particular demon CAN be taken as a familiar by any class that can take familiars without the necessary feat or at least he will behave just like a familiar. Taking this little guy as a familiar is an evil act IF the PC is aware that it is evil, otherwise he’s just fooling them, which he loves doing. If no one in the party is capable of having either he instead tries to convince the PC’s that he wishes to follow them as their lackey. He will serve the PC’s faithfully but reports back to his demon lords the activities of the PC’s and in the end he will betray them”
Monster: Cacodaemon
No Treasure

Day 3: The Cave by the river
The first thing to consider is how and where to ford the Yimes River. Crossing at the camp point is relatively easy (DC:14 swim) but the shore on the other side is a slick rock ledge which might be treacherous (and have a cave giant living there), going up river about an hour reveals a place to ford the river but the rivers current is faster and deeper (DC:17 swim) but there’s no cave troll. Either way it will take the whole day to circle around the mountain face and come to the far side. Arriving at dusk the PC’s need to consider whether they wish to enter the brewery in the dark or wait till sunup.
Monster: Mind slaver mold and Cave Giant
Treasure: Obsidian Battle axe, hide armor, 500 Gp, 4 gems (star rose quartz 70Gp, fire opal 800Gp, amber 70Gp, tigers eye 10Gp), Ring of blinking.

“Just as the sun begins to set, the sky lighting up in fantastic colors of pink and purple you see in the distance lights flickering, going closer you can see the 25’ wall surrounding the guild house which is up against a sheer cliff face. The wall is 25’ high and 7’ thick but time has crumbled 3 spots to be climbable."
• A survival check DC:12 shows the surrounding area for about ¼ mile around the brewery all the grass is rye and wheat DC:18 reveals that this rye is it is contaminated with ergot.
• A DC:17 listen check hears the sounds of music and laughter coming form the great hall.
• The Wall is crumbled in 3 areas Area 1: Climb DC:16, Area 2: Climb DC: 14 lands in the Arboretum, area 3: Climb DC:12 however lands in the water disturbing the eels.


The Clan House
Wine Cellar
The Works and Catacombs

Wrapping up
Ad havoc xp:
Not falling prey to the fairies ploys 1000xp
Completing the quest 2000xp
Total Xp:105800 xp/15434 each
Total treasure: 12 pp 400PP 300Pp,500 Gp, 400Gp, 1100Gp, 800 Gp, 500Gp 200gp, 300Gp , 50Gp400 Gp ,110 Gp 1100Gp ,1000Gp 200Gp, 200 Sp 700 Sp ,200Sp 18,000Sp 30,000Sp ,100,000Cp, Obsidian Battle axe (15Gp), hide armor (15Gp), star rose quartz (70Gp), fire opal (800Gp), amber (70Gp), tigers eye (10Gp), Ring of blinking (27000Gp) , hematite (8Gp), scroll (animate rope)(25Gp), wand of mending (75Gp), potion Comprehend languages (50Gp), A set of crystal goblets with Ironfile house crest engraved(800Gp), fine gold wire bracelet with 6 fresh water pearls (90Gp), sterling silver ring with a chip of lapis (10Gp), Brass stein with a crane shaped jade inlaid (400Gp), A drinking horn with gold inlaid on the rim and tip (70Gp), an ironwood carved eye patch (2000Gp), A masterwork light crossbow (335Gp), 9 vials of acid (90Gp), freshwater pearl (11Gp), jade (120Gp), amulet of mighty fists + 1 (5000Gp), potion of invisibility (CL:3)(300Gp), scarab of golem bane (2500Gp), scroll (lullaby) (25Gp), bloodstone (40Gp), aquamarine (500Gp), onyx (50Gp), potion of mage armor (50Gp), potion of Bless (50Gp), the pure sold stein (350Gp), the large carved jade stein (1500Gp), the dragons’ horn stein (600Gp), the solid coral mug (250Gp), and the pair of matching adamantium steins with the royal seal and studded with topaz engraved with the names Jacina & Cordem (2100Gp), iolite (80Gp), Dwarven gold ring with emeralds (600gp), pair of matching gold and aquamarine bracelets (1500Gp), a small cameo of a dwarf (lady?) in a locket (75Gp), Frost tongs (6000Gp), star ruby (7000Gp), black opal (1000GP) wand of protection vs. arrows (35 charges) (200Gp), + 1 composite short bow (2000Gp), leather quiver (1Gp), 15 true strike arrows (250Gp each), potion (reduce person) (50Gp), a skull made of pure emerald (3000Gp), hematite (12Gp), fire opal (1300Gp), violet garnet (600Gp), jasper (50Gp), quartz (60gp), tigers eye (11Gp), black pearl (300Gp), obsidian (12Gp), fiery yellow sapphire (1000Gp), bloodstone (40Gp), citrine (40Gp), hematite (10Gp), egg sized opal (1000Gp), smoky quartz (50Gp), rose quartz (50Gp), moon stone (50gp), + 1 flaming short sword (2000Gp), elixir of love (150Gp), scroll of tongues (375Gp), The brass key ¾, amber (80Gp), black pearl (400Gp), aquamarine (400gp), garnet (70Gp), Headband of mental superiority + 2 (16000Gp), 15 bottles of 1000 yr old dwarven mead (2000Gp each), 30 bottles of 1000yr old dwarven mead, 2 bottles if forge liquor and 2 bottles of spiced rum, (2000Gp each), moon stone (40GP), star sapphire (400GP), watermelon tourmaline (40Gp), 6 bottles of mead (200GP each), Rod of metamagic (silence) (12,250Gp), Potion of remove disease (750Gp), Headband (crown) of charisma + 2 (4000Gp), Wind fan (5500Gp)

King Ironfile's brewery

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