King Bouldersite's observatory

Travelling to the observatory:
It takes 2 ½ days from the mines to get to the observatory.

Day 1: just as the PC’s are making camp they are visited by Kakari, Lord Occama’s raven. He will fly up and greet them with their “raven names” and drop a small sack before the leader. The sack is a type 1 bag of holding (DMGpg248/PFpg500) containing 1 weeks rations for each PC, (one basic item needed by the party such as rope or lantern) and 10 Goodberrys, a bird scroll and a note.
Occamas note

Night 2: Earth Beast
Treasure: none

The Door:
They find a steep and narrow trail that leads up onto mount Fafil. The trail is unused and in disrepair. Part way up the trail there is a spot that the trail is about to give way, treat as a trap. Treasure from this trap is found only at the bottom of the fall along with the bones of the last person to fall off this ledge.

Landsilde trap: CR:6, mechanical, proximity trigger, no reset, reflex save DC:20 (dam: 8d6 fall dam+ 1d8 falling rocks), Single target (5’),Search DC:22 (stone cunning DC:18), Disable DC:25. XP: 1400
Treasure: 100Gp, padlock (simple, 20Gp), Antitoxin (3 doses, 150Gp)

The trail ends at a plateau which is approximately a 30’ flat clearing with a lone doorway standing on the edge of the plateau. The doors are long gone, but splinters of them can be seen 150’ below at the base of the cliff. Around the stone doorway, written in old dwarven is: “To those who believe in magic it is but a simple step.” The doorway itself is not magical in anyway, however 10’ below the doorway is a teleport without error circle. Anything passing through it is teleported to the entrance of the tower. Using detect magic will reveal the existence of the teleport circle; otherwise they will simply have to make a leap of faith through the door and drop through the circle. PC’s take 1d6 falling damage (reflex DC:15 for ½) for passing through the circle.

Wrapping up: the PC’s recive a maximum of
Money: 2900Gp, 5000Sp, 130,040Cp

Items: padlock (simple, 20Gp), Antitoxin (3 doses, 150Gp), a masterwork healers kit, , mildly hallucinogenic herbs, Incense, leather strip, powdered lime and carbon, charcoal, diamond dust (1000Gp), copper wire, clay model of a ziggurat, 20x onyx (25 gp), ruby dust (500gp), bat fur, powdered silver (1000Gp), chameleon skin, clay, straws, fan, feathers, bear hair, bulls hair, eagle feather, salt, owls feather, mica, salt, grave earth, parchment w/ holy text, prayer beads, rare herbs and oils, forked metal rods, , 5 silver mirrors (150gp each), mercury, phosphorus, powdered diamond and opal, eye ointment, a group of small clay houses, 10 tiny reliquaries, 10 very basic first aid kits, 2 days of food, MW wand (empty),MW amulet (empty),MW ring (empty), MW dagger, 3 4’ crystal balls (250Gp), 50 GP worth of scrap metals,

Art/Gems: Violet garnet (300GP), Diamond (500GP), topaz (55GP), diamonds x5 (5000gp each), large diamond (10000gp), 4 jacinth (1000gp each), Erikki’s holy symbol made of platinum and rubies (250gp), 3’ sphere of moonstone (250Gp), carved crystal chalice (500Gp), parabolic mirror of glass (non-magical, glass, fragile, 1300Gp) in a fine velvet lined cedar wood box, Masterwork Ironwood Quarterstaff banded in bluish meteoritic steel (1200Gp), , lrg yellow topaz (600gp), hematite (8Gp), masterwork Jade obelisk (1100Gp), cloth of gold vestments 1000Gp, small statuette of Erikki in ivory 100Gp, crown of gold and sapphire 1300Gp, a manly platinum ring with a large diamond 3000Gp, moon stone 60Gp, fire opal 800Gp, Cloth of gold vestments 1000Gp

Books: , textbook “faiths from around the world”, “the designs of the native elven people”, “the native plants of the great marsh”, “the depth of winter (a historical novel)” and “dragons for beginners: a bestiary”, spell book: (5th lvl spells: teleport, prying eyes, symbol of sleep, wall of force, fabricate, permanency), spell book: (heroism, vampiric touch, blink, sepia snake sigil), notebook containing a list of names of creatures that can be summoned, spellbook (Alarm, shield, arcane lock, resist energy, Dispel magic, non-detection, remove curse, Break enchantment)

Magic items
Potions: 8 CLW, 4 CMW, 2 CCW, 2 lesser restoration, 2 remove disease, 2 remove paralysis, 4 antitoxin, 4 holy water, Rage (750gp), Darkness oil (300gp), Bark skin +3 (600gp), elixir of sneaking, of barkskin +2, bulls strength

Scrolls: (undeath to death CL:8), (rusting grasp), (owls wisdom), (levitate), (Arc: Alarm, silence), (arc, speak with plants), (arc, cause fear, bears endurance), (arc, erase, cats grace, magic mouth), (arc, hold portal, rope trick, false life)

Everything else: +2 bastard sword, The trance drum, Bracers of armor +2, elemental gem (earth), gauntlets of orge power, ring of force shield, Javelin of lightening, wand of magic missile (3rd), Dust of dismissal, necklace of fireballs type 3 (4×3d6, 2×5d6, 1×7d6), Wand of Hold person (23 charges), Shiny steel manacles, Erikkis regalia (Erikki’s hammer, Erikki’s helm, Erikki’s cape)

King Bouldersite's observatory

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