King Axestride's armory

Oh No, The horses left outside the walls of the brewery have been STOLEN!

Travelling there will take 2 days with horses or 3 day without, following the Crown Ridge Mountains to lake Goddin on the other side of which is their destination, The ancient armory of King Axestride. From the north side of the lake the ruin is quite visible and eerie landmark on the cliff top, a dribble of lava flowing like a single stream of liquid fire from the crest of the cliff face to the lake below.

Day 1: Pair of Basilisk.
Following the Crown Ridge Mountains south you come across an area that is a warren of crevices and caves. A DC:12 perception reveals a statue amongst the gullies that looks like a youth around 14-15 in a running position looking back behind him. His rear leg is missing (presumably eaten), If revived through the basilisk blood he will tell of a caravan camp just a day away from here on the shores of Lake Goddin. His name is Zirs Raze and and his family will be eternally grateful for the safe return of their son. (This changes the dissipation of the caravan to friendly.)
Monster: Basilisk
Treasure: 700 Gp, + 1 great sword, oil of weapon blessing, wand of invisibility.

Night 1: quiet

Day 2: The angel and the demon fight
First thing in the morning, as everyone is packing up camp and about to head out a meteor drops out of the sky with a great tail of flame and smoke. The impact of this entry is felt as a distinct quake and a small grass fire starts up in the vicinity. The crash is only ¼ mile away from the camp site.
Monster: The angel and the demon

Night 2: Quiet: If the PC’s still have their horses then they reach Lake Goddin, if not they reach the lake at sundown the next day.

(Day 3:) Quiet: This part of the route is a marsh that would be easy on a horse, but on foot it is a disgusting mess that slows your movement and soaks your boots.

Arriving at Lake Goddin
The Caravan
The story of the Blood ravens of Dundas Castle
Approaching the castle
The outer courtyard
The Barracks and second gate
The Inner Courtyard
The Castle
The Chapel
The Chapel Catacombs
The Statue, The Key and the Cavern below the castle


Wrapping Up
Ad havoc xp:
1000 xp: make friends in the gypsy camp
2000xp: Become tiny
4000Xp: Get and properly use the “makers key”
Total Xp: 168000xp/ 42000 xp each
Total treasure: 800Pp, 3400 Gp, + 1 great sword (2000Gp), oil of weapon blessing (250Gp), wand of invisibility (750Gp), Scroll of arcane mark (12Gp), scroll “touch of fatigue”(25Gp), scroll “daze”(25Gp), +1 adamantine chainmail (10150Gp), + 1 Sling of flaming burst (8000Gp), Efficient Quiver(1800Gp), scroll (Raise Dead, CL:9th) (4000Gp), potion of remove disease (750Gp), + 3 javelin of ghost touch, Liosus the Glorious’s gladius + 2 short sword (evil outsider bane)(18000GP), wand summon monster 4 (25 charges)(10500Gp) wand rejuvenate eidolon (35 charges)(7875Gp) 2 potions cure light wounds (50Gp), wand of neutralize poison (7 charges)(2940Gp) Scroll of Holy sword(1000Gp), + 2 spell storing mace (18000Gp), 4 wooden holy symbols(5Gp), small silver mirror (10Gp), A golden hair brush with carnelian cabochons (600Gp), ¼ small brass key part, crown thick gold studded w/emeralds 1500Gp, Thin Mitheral circlet 900Gp, Thick silver crown with moonstones 700Gp, Thick gold crown w/emeralds and rubies 1200Gp, Knot work circlet of carved tiger iron 2000Gp, thick gold circlet with a large red gem (periapt of wound closure)(15000Gp), Gold ring with turquoise cabochons (50Gp), Salve of slipperiness (1000Gp), The armor of Lord Higeta Hu and his tower shield (1500Gp), The platinum diadem of The Elven Queen Nassel (2500Gp), A Tapestry from the kingdom of Jerrita (800Gp), The stuffed and mounted Head and tentacle of a giant squid (750Gp), A Set of + 2 Full plate mail of King Romgar (4000Gp), efreeti Bottle (145000Gp), 2 x rose quartz (50Gp), onyx (60Gp), emerald (1100Gp), wand of sanctuary(50charges) (750Gp), ring of animal friendship (10800Gp), Bucket of endless soapy water (4,000 gp), Carved Ivory smoking pipe (250Gp), Gold and emerald ring (1200Gp), completed brass key, 10 Gold bars (3000Gp),

King Axestride's armory

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