The Beaver Dam

Adventure Level 1, Wilderness

Books needed for this adventure: Players Handbook (PHB), Dungeon Masters guide (DMG), Monster manual 1 (MM1), Fiend folio (FF)

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History/Hook: This adventure is available from Lord Occama member of the high druid council and mayor of the town. Lord Occama has received a message from a cleric, Bill Axeman from the town of Hayton. In Hayton the sacred spring of Lenndra has suddenly dried up. He is requested the druid councils help in discovering the reason the spring has run dry and assistance getting it flowing again. Figuring that this will be pretty easy Lord Occama will assign a small party of 1st level PC’s to investigate.
Recent geological activity has poisoned the valley that a group of dire beavers resided in. They moved to find a fresh stream to raise their family, unfortunately they picked the sacred stream that leads into Hayton’s shrine. They have built a large dam over the stream. The PC’s investigate the dam and find a way to get the stream flowing again, then they will be told to investigate the valley of the dire beavers to seek the source of the pollution. Once they return they’ll be told to join a young druid to round up the errant beavers and relocate them to a safe valley near the mountains.
This campaign is being run through the druid council so it would be helpful if one of the PC’s was a druid or a ranger, however the council can simply hire the PC’s, or Oreck can divine their arrival and involvement in the campaign arc. If the PC’s are simply hired, Lord Occama will stress the necessity of being careful to preserve nature.

In the beggining:

Asking for the job:
When the PC’s ask around for a job they will be directed to Lord Occama.

Visiting the stone circle:

The road to Hayton:

Heading to the dam:

Ad havoc XP rewards: shown for the whole party.
PC’s kill all the beavers and fail to get the water flowing:100xp
PC’s Kill all the beavers and burn down the dam: 200xp
PC’s save the beavers but burn the dam: 400xp
PC’s save the beavers but fail to get the water flowing in time: 200xp
PC’s save the beavers and get the water flowing in time: 500xp
burning down the forest :-100xp

The trip back:

Onward to the beavers valley:
When the PC’s return to Spiritholm and check in with Lord Occama, remember the raven nick names that Kakari gave them as he will want to announce the PC’s presence. When they enter his home they are not alone.

Returning once again to spiritholm

Relocating the beavers

Wrapping up:

  • Once the mephit is removed form the valley the beavers will wander around freely and seem grateful for your help finding a new home.
  • Jessil will suggest that the PC’s head to the closest town, Matter for the night before heading back to Spiritholm. This leads into chapter 2: The Lost Tower
  • Ad havoc XP: Completing the adventure is worth 400xp (100 each for 4 1st lvl)
  • XP total: 4750 xp (1188 xp each (4 1st lvl PC’s)
  • Treasuer total: 50 SP, 340 GP, 100 PP, 4 cure mod wounds potions, master work rapier, master work buckler and up to 16 goodberrys.

The Beaver Dam

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