Returning to Hayton

In breaking the dam a large flow of debris will travel downstream and make a mess of poor Bill’s waterfall, however assuming they manage to break it in time to save him he will be completely grateful to be alive and doing well. The moment the flow returns he is healed and Alissia can stop her prayers. By the time the PC’s get back they have begun to clean up the mess and grateful townsfolk and singing, BBQing and helping out. The whole place has a bit of a festival atmosphere. Looking hale and whole Bill Axeman will immediately approach the PC’s hugging them and wanting to hear their story.
Bill Axeman gives the PC”s each 1 potion of cure moderate wounds 2d8. And a free night at the Boar, all quarters, food and drink are covered for the night.

Read this:

“A dire beaver dam did all this? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. What a mess, but, goddess bless, we’re all just glad to have the stream running again. Thank you my friends, you have saved my life so I have something that may save yours, take these potions of healing one for each of you and know that any time you are here I will mend your wounds and assist you in any way I can, by the way I have spoken to Rodger at the Dueling Boar and your lodging is on the house tonight if you wish. Thank you, Thank you so much”

Treasure: 1 potion of cure moderate wounds each, a free night at the Boar, All quarters, food and drinks are covered for the night.

Returning to Hayton

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